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Superbowl Congee cause it’s winter, well that’s how I feel anyway.


May 2, 2013 by a UTS food guide



This is how I feel when in Winter












I had a really cold winter a few years ago. I went to Sweden for the worst winter in 33 years and experienced a -52°C day in the darkest place on Earth. While I was there something weird happened to my bones. It’s like they got permanently chilled. It makes no difference when it’s hot but when it’s cold it’s like Mr Freeze has torn-open a crevasse in my flesh and installed a portal to Neptune’s Arctic circle, where a bunch of cruel alien penguins are shovelling astro-ice onto my bones. I end up jittering like a loose bag of surprised dildos and all I can think about to ease the torture is how much I want a massive bowl of spicy noodles. 

It’s the only cure – starchy hot food and cold weather are a perfect life combination as immaculate as sex and love or the first and fifth note of a scale.

So when I had a feverish craving for congee yesterday I had an equal craving for miserably cold, shitty weather. Luckily for me the warm day I woke with gradually slothed into a windy monster peaking at around 3:30 – conveniently that is also the happy hour of congee specialists Superbowl Chinese.

033Superbowl Chinese has the biggest congee menu I’ve seen and between 3 and 5p.m. they do 20% off everything, which means a massive bowl of steaming hot rice porridge for $8.

Both disgusting and exciting

These are all the different things you can get in your congee


They have pork, chicken, ling and trout and also pig’s blood, liver and century egg – there’s congee for every cracker, child and Hong Kongese. My guru Colin suggested we get fish fillet congee with deep-fried dough. Add some soya sauce to your congee without mixing it into brown sludge and use the crispy dough as dip-an’-scoop tool. Don’t expect a journey to the kingdom of ultimate flavour, it’s not that, it’s just warm, hearty and it tastes nice – it’s the second closest thing to a culinary hug.

Fish fillet congee

Fish fillet congee

Deep fried dough chunks

Deep fried dough chunks

Superbowl do other things you would expect to see on a Chinese restaurant’s menu but after trying some roast duck and stir-fry garlic Chinese broccoli I think Superbowl is better appreciated as a fine congee vendor rather than a great Chinese restaurant. The dishes weren’t bad at all, just standard. Wait for a flu, hangover or blizzard and go for the congee.


Today I’m giving two ratings:


On a normal day, no rain, no misery and no cold – a nice meal.









If you’ve got the sniffs, a hangover or it’s midnight, cold or raining – fucking excellent.







Distance from uni: 5 mins from library

Price: $8-36 for congee ($36 is just for abalone) and between $8 and $15 for everything. Go between 3 and 5p.m. for a 20% discount. 

Taste: 3/5 or 4/5 depending.


41 Dixon St

Sydney 2000


Superbowl Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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