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August 20, 2013 by a UTS food guide

I fucking love noodle soups. Unfortunately they came to me quite late in life so I don’t really know much about ramen, pho, boat noodles or anything else. I’m doing my best to learn.

Luke Nguyen loves noodle soups as well only he knows a whole heapa shit. His favourite place to eat them is Pho TK in market city.

pho tk

Pho TK makes Northern Vietnamese style pho, which is less sweet and more oniony than the Southern variety. Most pho stocks are brewed for 6-8 hours to achieve the requisite flavour but Pho TK brew theirs for 24 hours.


Bún Bò Huế

They also make a great Bún Bò Huế. It’s a similar stock to the regular beef pho but with a rich chilli oil added at the end. In Vietnam you would get banana blossom, herbs and onion to dip and mix around like you get bean sprouts and Vietnamese basil with pho. In Sydney Banana Blossom is invisible so you get purple cabbage instead.

Luke Nguyen thinks this one is the best in the city. I loved it too.


My friend got this ‘drink’ called triple sensation. It had coconut milk, pandan jelly, crushed peanuts, ice and four kids of beans (way more than three sensations if you ask me). In the past I have had horrific experiences with these kind of drinks. I had one at Thanh Binh which tasted like the underside of a rotting sea forest. I was expecting this one to taste the same, with all the mysterious floating bright green tubes and bed of brown stuff, but it was really nice. If anyone wants a calm foray into the world of confusingly genre’d Asian drinks this is your in.

It’s strange Pho TK doesn’t have more hype. It’s really cheap and far better than Pho Mumum and Pho Pasteur, which sell similar fare. I’m really looking forward to going back and trying their other dishes. The Bún Đặc biệt sounds particularly good – three styles of pork, sugar cane minced prawn and spring rolls on a bed of thin rice vermicelli noodles and topped with leafy greens and a home made chilli fish sauce.

It also had amazingly friendly staff, which is rare for a mall store. Usually you get of dance of awkward nods followed by some yelling but all the chefs and waiters at Pho TK were chatty and smiley. It was similar at Hakata-Maru – maybe it’s a Market City thing.


Distance from uni: 8mins from Library

Price: $9.95 for noodle soup

Taste: 4/5




Lv 1 Market City (above Paddy’s markets)

Haymarket 2000




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